• Beaded Suncatchers  with a glass prism to catch rainbows in your windows!

    Glass Beaded Suncatchers!

    Unique glass beads brighten up with the sun's rays as well as the rainbows streaming out from the glass prism! All hand strung on 40 lb fishing wire with solid glass crystal prisms. There's many styles & colors to choose from!

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  • Kingman & Pilot Mountain Turquoise Earrings~

    Silver & Turquoise! What could be better? These are delicous with it's OOAK pieces of Kingman & Pilot Mountain Turquoise beads. As well as small faceted turquoise beads! There's more to choose from in my shop! Shop for Earrings here~

  • Sunflower Notecard Set~

    2020 I grew a lot of sunflowers to escape to. I ended up daydreamingly taking photos of them to see something beautiful everyday. People liked the way I saw them so I decided to put them on notecards! Write a note to someone who needs love & a sunflower to make them smile! 2 Sets to choose from!

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MOTMJ Video~ Handmade with Love!