Bangle, Bracelet or Cuff? What is What?

So lately I came to realize I didn't know the difference between a bangle and a bracelet! I knew what a cuff was.  But as far as the other two, I guess I thought they were kind of similar. Nope!  Lets educate ourselves shall we? LOL!

A Bracelet is something worn around the wrist with a clasp of some sort. So when you need to size yourself for a bracelet, you measure your wrist.

A Bangle is a solid piece of material that you slide over your hand. So when you need to size yourself for a bangle, you have to measure the knuckle area of your hand.

A jewelry Cuff is a piece of jewelry that goes around the wrist or arm with no clasp or closure. It typically has a 1" opening to wiggle the piece onto ones' wrist. You measure your wrist for it and the nice thing is they are adjustable.

Here are some sites that help with the sizing so you can choose which type of adornment you'd like to wear on your wrist.

To help with sizing for a Bangle please refer to the chart below. To learn how to size for a bangle, click here ~ how to measure for a bangle ~

To help with sizing for a Bracelet click here ~ How to measure for a Bracelet ~

To help with sizing for a jewelry Cuff, it's just about the same for a bracelet.

I hope that helped clear up any questions you might of had or didn't know you had! LOL. 

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