Delicious Turquoise Necklaces!

Delicious Turquoise Necklaces!

I've been busy finishing up these larger Turquoise necklaces and I love how they all turned out so beautiful in their Silver homes! They are all a high grade quality Turquoise. Two kinds, Number 8 Turquoise and a Kingman Turquoise. I've cut, shaped and polished all of these stones, as well as hand crafted the Silver settings to go in them.  I've just added these to my Shop and are available to be shipped out!

      Number 8 Turquoise       Number 8 Turquoise      Kingman Turquoise

I've been working cutting and polishing new Turquoise cabochons, so check back to see the new items it will lead to!  In the meantime, you can visit my lapidary page on Instagram to see behind the scene shots ~ @CabsOnTheMountain.

Have a great week!


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