Finding the Magic through Rainbows 🌈✨

Finding the Magic through Rainbows 🌈✨

Sometimes you have to look for the magic when things are tough. Sometimes it’s hard to see magic right in front of you, but if you take a deep breath, and squint your eyes, you might find it.✨ 

If you’ve been following me then you know that I’ve been on a healing journey. It’s been about 19 months now that a ligament injury has restricted my movements and stopped me from making my jewelry regularly. Mentally it has its ups and downs like a roller coaster, and I found myself craving magic. The joys that make you smile inside, all warm and happy.  

So after slowly organizing my studio space, I pulled out an old box of assorted glass beads. At the same time the sun shined through my glass prism in my window and gave me a rainbow.  So I decided to use those glass beads to catch the sunlight and give us  rainbows to dance and laugh in.  After what we all have been through and are still going through, we need a mental break. We need to stop and enjoy the things that make our eyes dance and our hearts full. 

After diving into colors and rainbow testing (best part!) and recharging my creative juices, I give you my collection of Handmade Rainbow Catchers! I've been using assorted glass beads along with assorted glass crystal (faceted cut) beads. The colors are soooo delicious!  And all the rainbows!!  My house has been full of rainbows while making these and hanging them up to test!  One morning when the moon was full, I woke early to see the moonbeams shining through a bunch of rainbow catchers! It was sooo magical! I wish I could have taken a photo for you to see! I basked in the moonlight rainbow glow and recharged my head. ✨

So far I have 3 sizes of round prisms~ 40mm (golf ball size), 30mm (ping pong ball size) and 20mm (cherry size). Along with a few hearts, chandelier prisms and who knows what else I'll find! I'm still making them and adding them to the listings, so keep checking back for new ones! 

Hand made Rainbow Catchers 

Beautiful Glass beads that catch the sunlight!

For these I used glass crystal colored glass beads and jump rings for beautiful rainbow catchers!

The beauty in the colors and rainbows are perfect to lift the blues away!

I also have some with glass crystal (faceted cut) glass beads. Amazing!!!

Of course we need small petite rainbow catchers! These are shorter ones with a small crystal prism. 


Those are just some of the Rainbow Catchers I have for sale in my shop now! It's been very healing to my head to make these and I seem to have made quite a few!  These are keeping me sane until I can get back to the real jewelry work I love to do! Sawing, soldering, filing, polishing, cutting rock and more.  Until then, lots of patience and rainbows!  
Take care of of yourself out there! Remember to stop and recharge your sanity! 

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