It's Almost Springtime!

It's Almost Springtime!

Oh! I am just itchin' for the warmer weather for so many reasons, but mainly so I can go outside and work on lapidary!

We had a little warm spell here last week where the days got up to 72! I was out there shaping and polishing beautiful turquoise! Then the rain came back... such is life!

 Hand Cut Turquoise Cabochons

Some of you might see that the landing page is different. I have revamped my website and working on having all my business in one spot to make it much simpler for me and my customers.  After 7 years of having MOTMJ, I look back on all the times I've felt the need for change or upgrading. My journey is ever evolving and I had to find the online platforms that work with the new normal!  It is a lot of work and in the end a much better fit!

Things to look for are the upcoming shows I will be at. As soon as I get all the information, I will post it in my Upcoming Events page. I also have all sorts of jewelry in the works, as well as new cabochons!

In the meantime, you can see what I'm up to on my Instagram page ~ or my Facebook page ~     I post what I'm working on often.

Until then, I hope this finds you happy and well and laughing a lot!


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