Just Checking In and Sending Love ~

Just Checking In and Sending Love ~

Hi! How are you doing out there? I thought I'd check in and just say I hope the world's chaos settles down sooner rather than later. In the meantime, be good to yourself. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings that you are feeling. It's so important during these times to do so.  This isn't more about being strong as much as it's more important to stay sane. We have been handed things lately that have been very hard to intake or "swallow". That's when we really need to check in with ourselves to see how we are doing. Then check on your friends to see how they are doing. Be real and honest. It's not about trying to make the other person think that all is going to be okay. It's more of a need to let each other talk. Listen to each other and allow each other to get all the angst or upset or anxiety and concerns off of their chest so maybe you both can breathe just a tad easier. 

These days there are too many things dividing us as a whole that we need to remember we are humans and we do need our people and interactions! Try not to let the little things divide. We're all in this together! I know it's hard, but we can't let it happen this way. Reach out with love and joy in the midst of the crazy. We all need it. 

I am sending out virtual hugs and hope you all can feel it. I'm a hugger and this is so hard! Somehow, with the help of our friends we can make this very hard time a bit more bearable while we patiently wait for it to get to a place where we can put our foot out the door to make our "new normal". 

Virtual Hugs from your jeweler~ Kelli of Mothers On The Mountain Jewelry

Hang in there~I'm not here to solicit my jewelry in this blog post. I am here telling you I hear you and understand and hope that my little bits of words help someone out there feel a bit better today for a moment. Love, Kelli

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