New Jewelry Update ~ Riveted Floral Ring Now in The Shop!

New Jewelry Update ~ Riveted Floral Ring Now in The Shop!

I hope this finds you all safe and okay from the chaos of this viral pandemic going on today.  These times just about leave me speechless that it's even happening. I hope we can get a handle on it so we can regain some semblance of life.  I am sending out virtual hugs to you all!

I have been slowly getting back to a place where I can work at my bench without re-injuring myself. It's been a long journey, and I hope to be healed soon so I can get back to the jewelry I love to make!  Right now I'm finding myself rethinking other techniques that before I wasn't interested in. It's good to step outside of the box and see what other talents you have up your sleeve!  

I found a cute project involving rivets and turning them into a type of abstract floral. Rivets are a type of cold connection you can use in jewelry making to replace soldering. Or add to a piece that has solder work on it.  In this case, I stuck with the rivet method to hold this new ring together. I've stamped a floral design in the ring band~ this ring is a size 9.

Floral Riveted Silver Ring


This ring and more beautiful handmade jewelry is available for sale on my Shop at 


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