New! MOTMJewelry Gift Cards!

In the crazy times we are all in these days, we are all trying to find ways to keep afloat and help our neighbors as well. One of the ways to help small businesses is by purchasing a gift card to use now or later.  You can easily and safely give them out as a gift since they are in an email form.  The awesome eCommerce platform I use, Shopify, has kindly offered the Gift Card option to all of us sellers without having to upgrade our plans. These are the wonderful "little things" that companies and people are doing right now to try to make it easier on all of us during this time of chaos.
So therefore,  I am excited to announce that I now offer Gift Cards for purchase to use in my shop at your convenience!
Mothers On The Mountain Jewelry Gift Cards
Just click on Gift Cards in the menu and purchase which amount you'd like.
Thank you so much! 

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