Notes from the Studio 3/20/2020 ~ ❤️

Notes from the Studio 3/20/2020 ~ ❤️

Let me start out by sending you all a virtual hug! These times are not like any we've seen world wide before and it's a lot to get used to. We all have to change our lives in one way or another to hopefully ward off the worst of this pandemic. I am in California and we just came under a statewide Shelter in Place order, so I'm hunkering down, like so many of us all over. Please be safe out there!

I made the decision not to attend the Carmel Valley Farmers Market right now during these times of chaos with COVID-19. The Market is staying open to offer fresh produce in an open air shopping setting which the authorities have given the okay for. So get out there and support your local Farmers Markets if you have them, all the while practicing social distancing. 

Even though I will not be at the market, if you need beautiful handmade Silver jewelry I will still have my Shop open and ready to ship any item out! I just added a few new items which I forgot to showcase!  A Turquoise Ring, a Blue Lace Agate Necklace and a pair of Kingman Turquoise Earrings! ✨

You can find these handmade beauties on my Shop along with many more handmade pieces of Silver Jewelry!

In times like these helping to support the online artisan shops we love, the local small businesses, farmers markets and our self employed peeps mean so much to all of our communities!  Be safe and stay well! Much love ~ Kelli

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