Our Creative Spaces~

During these crazy times (really, what else can we call it? ), what are you doing to create a place for you? A place for what you need for you. Whether it's a cozy chair next to your favorite bookcase, or a little table in the garden to play with dirt and plants- it's your place you can escape to for a moment, hopefully catch your breathe and be. These types of places are so important these days for our sanity.
It might seem unimaginable to create something like this, if one lives in a small place or with others. Take the time to look at your environment in a new light. Seek out which corner or wall or space makes you smile inside whenever you're by it or see it. Find your own space within the space. Create it for you. 
Even if you don't make jewelry like I do, your place you create to create  is Your Studio. Your Escape space, sanity corner or chill spot. Make it yours, call it what you need it. Create with what you need: art, music, books, yarns, needlepoint, meditation or just being quiet. These are so many ways to be creative in ways I don't think we've thought to see before, but in it, is a way to help keep sanity at our side. 
~ I hope you find the laughter in something beautiful today ~
My Studio



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