Skinny Sterling Silver Bangles 14 Gauge All Handmade

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**The listing price is for a single bracelet **

 *Small sizes are $35. Medium size is $40.*
These beautiful handmade Skinny Silver Bangles are made with 14 gauge Sterling Silver round wire. I formed the wire into a circle and soldered closed. The result is a wonderful simple bracelet made to wear for any occasion. When paired with more than one, the sound is magical!

These are handmade by my hands in my studio. The metal used is Sterling Silver. The gauge is 14.  There are multiple sizes to choose from. Please select the correct size. If you need assistance, I've included a link to how to size for a bangle.   

Bangle Sizes-

2 1/2” diameter is a Small. 2 3/4” diameter is a Medium. 3” diameter is a Large. 



**The listing price is for a single bracelet ** 

To learn how to size for a bangle, click here ~ how to measure for a bangle ~