Textured Silver Bracelet Adjustable All Handmade Reticulated Sterling Size 7"

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This bracelet is made up of abstract shapes of Sterling Silver that I've fused  pieces of Fine Silver onto to form scene while also texturing the silver. This bracelet is one of a kind and is really comfortable to wear!  This is also adjustable with 3 jump rings to choose a size from.  

The reticulation process is where you take big flame (torch) and heat the metal (in this case Sterling Silver) until it "wrinkles' and starts to get texture. It will almost be at the melting point. I've added bits of fine silver during the heating process, which fused together,  to add more of a mountainous texture. 

This bracelet measures 7" long. The pieces vary in size from about 1" & 3/4" in length. The widths are about 1", 3/4" & 5/8".  The metals used are Sterling Silver and Fine Silver.  All of the metalwork is done by my hands.