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Mothers On The Mountain Jewelry

Glass Beaded Suncatchers 40mm Glass Prisms & Beads

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Scroll down to see all the different Suncatchers with  glass crystal round  prisms(40mm), hanging from beautiful colored glass beads! Hanging out with you in your windows, catching the afternoon rainbows for your smile. These days we need the little things that help us find the joy, laughter and sanity. So I invite you to dance in the rainbows! Perfect for any sunny window! 
There are 6 available and each vary in length and colors of glass beads. Please choose which one you wish to purchase. (Scroll down to see more photos of each one

Made with random beautifully colored glass beads and 40mm clear glass crystal prisms, all strung on  40lb fishing wire, and crimped with a sterling silver tube. There are 6 different ones available.  Note: since these are glass there might be tiny bubbles in them. It does not affect the amazing rainbows they catch from the sunlight.