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Breathing as One-Joyful Paintings by Kelli

Breathing as One-Joyful Paintings by Kelli

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“Breathing as One” on flat canvas. 
acrylic paints 

8” x 8”

Joyful Paintings  by Kelli~

Lately I’ve been getting into a different media in art. Acrylic paints and a squeegee. It turns out this is such a satisfying technique to do that I just couldn’t stop. Each one was a surprise! I start with dots of paint and then I smear them!  I really enjoy looking at them and finding all the different things I can see. The one thing that I keep coming back to that I feel from these paintings, is the sense of community, joy, gatherings, festivals, peace, happy people and all of that. So now I offer this joy to you! 


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